The Darkness Matters Not

The darkness matters not
to the blind
without eyes what could
they hope to find?
they don’t even know
their misery and woe
lacking the ability
to see

eyes and ears
so long unused
they are abused
kool-aid to drink
forbidden to think
they feel
what they’re told to feel

having been told
for so long
that thinking
is wrong
uniqueness suppressed
unwittingly oppressed
danger lies
in opening eyes

those that struggle
to be free
labelled as
the enemy
a singular mission
universal submission
freedom destroyed
morality devoid

in the country of the blind
the one-eyed man is King
hiding behind
the sheep as they sing
how tolerant are we
except of those that see
all memory of sight
lost into the night

A cheerful giver

Ever since brother Elrod overflowed the upstairs toilet and pulled the flapper plumb off of it’s spot in the tank and dumped 700 gallons of water and other assorted unpleasantries through the ceiling at the local Moose lodge, we have been forced to hold our bi-weekly meetings at the local women’s bazaar and bingo parlor.

As if that ain’t bad enough, we have all these old alpha males playing Rook on tables with pink table cloths, smelling potpourri all night.

Larry, Darrell and Darrell said they would have the plumbing fixed last week but since Darrell and Darrell got locked up for fighting over Romena down at the Piggly Wiggly, Larry seems to be at a loss for anything to do but to hit the hater button on that new Boost Mobile device he was so proud of just a month ago.

So as Chief Dan George said “We must endeavor to persevere”

We rolled in last Tuesday for our meeting and to sample some of Juanita’s butter beans and Mexican cornbread and a game or two or Rook only to find that the women had been politickin’ again and had left the place a mess.

Me and Booger started clearin’ tables when I found this here donation box. It had this poor lookin’ feller’s picture on it and said “Donations for Justin Troudeau, Prime minister of our friend to the north, Canada, to restore his manly image and appearance to the world at large”

I reckon it would do us some good to have a manly neighbor in case we have a little heavy lifting to do, since most of us down to the lodge are gettin’ a little big in our overhauls and a bit long in the tooth.

And I got to thinkin’ that We’re supposed to love our neighbors so if a neighbor needs our help, why we ought to give it.

So I had Booger to take that there donation box and pass it among the 35 Mooses present this particular evening and told him to have ’em give til it hurts.

We opened with a prayer like we always do and made a special appeal to The Good Lord to direct us as to how best love our neighbor.

All us fellers sat down while Juanita and her niece the flibbertigibbet went to passin’ out the beans and cornbread. Women ain’t allowed to be members but since Bubba ran his self through the silage machine last fall, she ain’t got much to do ‘cept for to hang around with the few people in town that didn’t hate her dear departed husband and to make herself useful in the process.

She outdid herself as always and it took us 3 games of Rook for our beans to digest and Eugene got to complain that his butt was burnin or we mighta played a fourth.

As we was all pickin’ up to go, Booger brought me the donation box so we could do an accountin’ of it while everybody was still there to make sure nobody stoled nuthin’

I opened the box up and it was pert near full. I was so proud of all my brothers that I got a little weepy eyeded.

All 35 old fat Mooses had donated all their stray wild eyebrow hairs and not to be outdone Juanita throwed in her best hot glue gun. They ought to be enough there to make a fake muhammad beard and get free gravy over to Marlene’s Country Kitchen for the next 3 or 4 years.

Charity begins at home folks.

The Lord loves a cheerful giver.


Yesterday, today
and forever the same
He who counts the dust
and gives them names.

He provides for me although
nothing does He owe
to see His little boy
filled with joy.

Blessings beyond measure
in Heaven is my treasure
Faithful to the end


When the stars have all turned black
and you know you can’t go back
because there’s nothing there for you
but darkness, if you do
when the great black nothing attacks.

When you spend you spend your life running from the light
no good thing comes again into your sight
and the vacuum you embrace
draws the color from your face.
There is nothing there that you can even fight.

When the stars you used to know
refuse to give their glow
and not one familiar sound
is to be found,
where do you go?

What do you plan to do
when the darkness comes for you?



He gave me my freedom
By His grace
and then they beat Him.

(700) years before His birth
was His story
told upon the Earth

The greatest among my friends
this man
that paid for all my sins

He bore more than any of us can
even as a man

The gift of life, free to be received
yet so few
upon Him believed

From dry ground He rose a tender shoot
This greatest branch
of Jesse’s root

Even though the world should admire Him
with no beauty
none did desire Him

Despised and rejected
and disrespected

Without blemish, from us did He borrow
of our grief
and of our sorrow

Though it was we, that were convicted
it was He
smitten and afflicted

Chastised, wounded and bruised
for us
brutally used

His love could He not conceal
by His stripes
we are healed

Like sheep have we all gone astray
every one
to his own way

We all owe a debt of sin
a debt
collected from Him

brought as a lamb to the slaughter
not one protest
did He offer

Taken from His cell
to take our place
in Hell

Where do we look upon His seed?
Are His generations
declared indeed?

When we make Him payment for our sin
we become
His offspring then

With the wicked and the rich He made His grave
that He came not to judge
but to save

From His mouth, never was there heard
any curse
nor evil word

Yet it pleased The Lord to bruise Him
for this purpose
did He use Him

He put Him to grief
for murderer
and thief

Choose you now His perfect way
only then
prolong your days

Of The Son, The Father offers
and by His hand
shall you prosper

On his own comes salvation not to any
by His soul
to many

He divides His spoil with the strong
though His possession
all along

He takes His place among the great
humbly submits
to this His fate

He was numbered unclean with all the rest
This Jesus
the best

He bore the sin of many
and turned away
not any

Intercedes to The Father, He does
for each
and all of us

His friends dearly does He cherish
not willing
that any should perish

None greater than this servant of man
that holds
the world in His hand


Divided Once Again

Our great Union
‘s divided once again
where once we were friends
are we

hatin’ brothers
and disrespectin’ mother’s
bein’ truly free
a memory

from above the din
a voice cries once again
remember where we’ve been
the drum slowly beats
history repeats

where has gone the truth
learned in our youth?
replaced with abuse

even those that think like we do
repeat the same excuse
there’s nothing we can do
Lady Liberty shuts her eyes
and the eagle cries

freedom once so dear
a treasure held near
soon to disappear
courage once massive
turned passive

in a final burst of desparation
to save a nation
from indignation
the pleading word
goes unheard

nobody’s listnin’ anyway
so just say
what you’ve got to say

…and walk away


oh the sun’s rays
were hot today
could melt a man outright

but the full moon
breaks in to my room
through the keyhole tonight

and it lays there
upon your hair
and bathes in warming light

and the whippoorwill
beyond my windowsill
sings to me all night

and when daylight comes
the morning dove
says it’ll be alright



Chatham and Markham

Of Chatham and Markham

this story does tell.

Each of his castle the Master.

In each of the houses

their legacy spread

devouring the lands all the faster.


They cut and they cleared.

They did till and did plant,

thus increasing their yield.

Their blessings were many,

none did without any,

and soon their houses were filled.


By their Masters’ grace

they increaseth their space,

going wherever they will.

From the forest they break

each claiming to stake

the very selfsame hill.


They climbed and they cleared,

and thus did grow near

and met up of each at the top.

They both in their greed,

and feeling the need,

desireth not to stop.


They halted their convoy

and sent up their Envoy

each by the will of their Lord.

“We own this all.

trespassers withdraw.”

the Envoys both did ord


Both in their pride

could their anger not hide

and took up their axes in hand.

They swung and they slashed,

the iron did clash,

enforcing their Masters’ demands.


They sung and they thrilled,

with each that they killed.

With limbs the hillside was strewn.

Then ever at last,

stood Beckham lad and Markham lass,

were all that remained unhewn.


He looked on her eyes

and to his surprise,

did notice her of her beauty.

So to make a new life,

he took her to wife,

believing it was their duty.


“To which house do we go?”

Neither did know,

so they built up anew on the hill.

They built there upon,

the blood and the bone

of those that they had killed.


They cut and they cleared.

They did till and did plant,

thus increasing their yield.

Their blessings were many,

none did without any,

and soon their house it was filled.



By their Masters’ grace, they increaseth their space, going wherever they will…

The truth will set you free

And Jesus said  “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32 KJV

James A. Garfield said ” The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.”

Gloria Steinem said ” The truth will set you free, but first it will p*ss you off”

Many seek to hide the truth. These are the ones that will take our freedom if we let them. I love my freedom as I expect you do. In order for us to preserve our freedom we must be ever vigilant against those that would take it from us.

Follow my blogs and “Ye shall know the truth” and at times it will make you miserable and p*ss you off, but it will help keep you free.

I encourage interactive commentary but will not tolerate abuse or threats of violence. Send me an e-mail at and I will send you updates as I add new material.

Thank you and God Bless you.